B.U.P. Utensili was founded in Pesaro, Italy, in 1968 and following the expansion of the local furniture manufacturers started their own production of woodworking tools. Through hard work and determination meant that the company soon increased its’ output and were able to take on staff and to develop its’ technology so that it could corner a larger share of the local market. In 1978 the company moved into new premises and became a ‘full-blown’ industry, with 1,300 square metres and 15 factory workers. After ten years in the business there was a real boom: sales increased and the market could now be expanded.

Rather than simply working with local companies, as they had done in the beginning, they began to sell to the rest of Italy and abroad. The high quality products were very much in demand: B.U.P. Utensili soon became an important point of reference for many companies.

Today, the technology which is used to make tools, takes advantage of state-of-the-art equipment. First it is designed and plotted on computers using the graphics software CAD and CAD/CAM. This makes it possible to work on the designs in 3D and the graphic design of the cutter can be directly transmitted to the computer numerically controlled work stations which can then produce high quality products.

Through continued investment in state-of-the-art production facilities, B.U.P. Utensili is able to manufacture any tool for processing solid timber or man-made board either with carbide tips, disposable knives or Polycrystalline Diamond.

Disposable knives are made using two automatic profile machines with an automatic feeder. They have four different diamond wheels which can grind down the edges, finish, sharpen, and give a superior finish to the raw tungsten carbide material. So that almost any type of shape is possible.

The production includes a wide range of standard tools and also an increasing number of special products made to customer specifications and with a fast delivery time. The work cycle is completed by carrying out careful tests on the tool to check its precision: the tool is finally tested on the material to guarantee its’ high quality.

With an experience of over 40 years, Sistemi, located in Pesaro, Italy, has become a leading manufacturer of high quality tools for working wood, aluminium and plastics.

The brand Klein is synonymous of high quality tools thanks to continuous investment in the use of the latest technology and in training, with a more and more young and dynamic staff, consisting of technicians, designers and trade experts fully available to meet the multiple needs that global competition requires.

Sistemi exports its products today to more than 60 countries around the world by consolidating its presence by the best retailers in the woodworking field and strengthening its success from year to year in order to start and develop continuously new projects, always with a view to “customer satisfaction”.

The use of CAD together with an accurate selection of quality raw materials and a careful control performed with high precision instruments ensure the best performance of the tools, ensuring increasing productivity and a highly flexible response to any requests.

For many years Sistemi has become part of ACIMALL, the Italian Woodworking Machinery Suppliers Association that includes the main Italian manufacturers of machines and tools for woodworking.

The company was established 1908 in Remscheid, Germany, which is considered to be the centre of tool manufacturing industry in the region. We set standards through our progressive, partially patented proprietary development.

Following the technological growth and upturn of furniture industry up-to-date precision tools gained in importance. As a result, in 1958 the GHUDO-technical support was set up as the competent contact- and service partner for industrial clients. Quality and reliability of our work turned GUHDO into a sought-after and competent partner both for specialized trade and professional users. 1967 GUHDO relocated its head office from Remscheid to Wermelskirchen.

Our employees are the key ingredients for success of our quality goals. Therefore, management is committed to ensuring that employees on all organizational levels have skills, positive environment, training and resources to achieve our quality goals and to work at meeting or exceeding GUHDO's internal and external customer expectations. Our general principles were formed shortly after establishment of the company in 1908. Our team consists of reliable and committed specialists, who are interested in company's success. However, priority is always given to our customer and his requirements. GUHDO is a word synonymous with reliability and quality. Complete satisfaction of our customers is an essential objective for our work because in the end it's them who are going to apply our products. We are at any time open to improvement suggestions. Furthermore, we communicate closely with our business partners.

RS WOOD Working Machines is situated in the municipality of Viserba in the Province of Rimini, Italy, and takes pride in its thirty-year long experience in the sector of design, manufacturing and selling of woodworking machinery for craftsman carpentry and other industries that are engaged in the manufacturing of panels and solid wood.

The Company, initially established as a small artisan enterprise, has grown over the years until acquiring its current dimensions, but always retaining, on the level of manufacturing, all the characteristics of a small handicraft branch, which is still today one of the leading sectors of the national economy.

RS WOOD’s production is characterised by constant control and monitoring of the manufacturing process, as well as its’ level of quality, aiming at the same time at the maximum efficiency. The Company has also introduced the initial manufacturing of combined machines for woodworking with the manufacturing of a wide range of machinery with an excellent price-quality ratio. Maximum transparency, commitment and experience have been synonymous with the activities of RS WOOD for many years, especially when it comes to our relationship with customers.

In 1960, when Albert Knebel manufactured the first carbide-tipped circular saw blade in his father's file cutting workshop in Engstlatt, Balingen, the chances are that neither he nor his five employees would have ever thought that, over the next fifty years, the enterprise they were starting would grow into a company operating worldwide with 500 employees. Things were difficult to start with – Albert's small workshop, which had an annual turnover of just 25,000 East German marks in 1961, had to fight for survival on more than one occasion.

It was not until the end of the 1960s that things started to look up, when carbide-tipped saw blades began to boom in the wood industry and, at the same time, several field service employees left a large competitor to start working for A. Knebel Werkzeugfabrik. At the time, carbide saws were still extremely expensive. In 1968, an alternate top bevel saw with a diameter of 300 mm and 96 teeth was worth 190.00 marks. For comparison, the standard wage at the time was 350.75 marks per month.

The money brought in by these successes was invested in new employees and machines and, in 1971, a new building in Hölzlestraße. This was followed by the founding of a subsidiary in Herford and the first overseas subsidiary in Strasbourg. By 1975, existing grinding machines were no longer good enough to manufacture tools to the level of quality expected by A|K|E, prompting Albert Knebel to build his own "AKEmat" machines.

These machines were first built for use in-house by AKE Knebel, then later for customers throughout the world. Further milestones for the ambitious company were the introduction of laser cutting technology, the production of milling cutter saw blades and diamond saw blades and the establishment of further subsidiaries and a worldwide network of partners. Several patents and trailblazing innovations, such as the Mustang solid wood circular saw blades or the Bombastic circular saw blades for machining aluminium, significantly boosted the market position of the company. Albert Knebel handed over the reins of the company to his son, Alexander Knebel, at the start of the new millennium, laying the foundations for the continuing success story of this family company.

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